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We Bring Tech Edu-tainment to You!



We’re helping young people and their families get acquainted with the tools of the 21st Century!


Our workshops and events are stacked with the latest tech so everyone gets to experience what the future of tech sports can be!


FullBlast STEAM is committed to bringing the value of edu-tainment to every community, & specifically to the neighborhoods that need it the most.

Virtual guidance & Online Workshops 

   Equipment Kits & Online Workshop Combo's

Combo Packs (Equipment kit & Online sessions)

                       Purchase a Combo & schedule the first online session.

         We will mail the kit to the student and meet them in our virtual classroom!

   All Combo packages include one equipment kit and 10 LIVE virtual S.T.E.A.M. workshop sessions.


   Choose a topic and schedule session #1 for your future engineers!   




 3D Design  

About FullBlast STEAM


  We are a For-Profit, yet community impact-driven company, founded by   community members, educators, and           Arts & Technology Enthusiasts


 Our vision is to do the audacious work of replacing the destructive prevalence of idle time in our local communities with exciting, constructive, fun, 21st century skill based activities available 24/7 for youth        and families all across Baltimore.


 Our mission is to constantly assess our community's needs and apply the best of today's educational technologies to the task of enhancing the quality of life for      our young people and their families. 


 We believe Technology is our equalizer 

       Help us change everything.


Out-of-Shcool Time Education


Client Accommodation


21st Century Fun

Book Us For Your Next OST Enrichment or special Event!

         We host both virtual STEAM workshops online         


                In-person, socially distanced mini-events                                            ( 10 participant max )

Pick a time, pick a place, and pick a workshop. We’ll take care of the rest. 


OST Workshops

We offer tons of fun educational workshops to help students of all ages and experience levels learn new skills during OST (Out of School Time). From basic programming up to engineering design, we help learners build essential STEAM skills at a pace they’re comfortable with.

Workshops are NOW  VIRTUAL!!


To give any party, celebration, or retreat a full blast of S.T.E.A.M., book a selection of our mobile event activities. From drone races to computerized puzzle competitions, our expertly crafted games will add 21st Cntury arts and tech to any gathering. Together we'll walk through the planning and logistics and help you design an event for the ages!

Events  are NOW  socially distanced!!

The FullBlast STEAM Advantage

FullBlast STEAM takes a unique approach to STEAM education. We’ve found a way to disrupt the edu-tainment industry by redesigning  Ed-tech tools to be both fun and convenient for the long-term client interested in training their 21st century skills.


When you book with us you get to mix and match items from our educational modules and party activities.


It's a tailor-made STEAM experience in whatever kind of space you're trying to create. Whether you're a party of 5 or 500 every participant walks away with the best experience possible.

Community Focused
Mobile and Flexible
Competitive Pricing



Our Team

As the brainchild of local educators and tech professionals, FullBlast STEAM is special. Our mobile tech edu-tainment model is guided by a team with a deep commitment to building and uplifting community. A personal acquaintance with the power of tech and a culture of mutual enrichment help us not only render grade-A services, but do so with your best interests in mind.

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