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          As more and more research emerges indicating there are multiple types of Ultraviolet Radiation with germ & virus-killing capabilities, a few old methods for applying   UV technology for the sanitization of living & working environments are garnering new                                    interest in the fight against COVID19.


FullBlast STEAM's Research has focused on the history and the extensively tested capabilities of UV light. This focus led us to rapid-prototype a low-cost mini-germicidal environment solution designed for home and office use. This UV "Hot Box" prototype will be used to launch a mass production effort and a donation of units to support our local first responders, nursing homes, and day care centers.




Due to the anxiety around COVID-19, there are many UV products currently for sale online that are actually not safe for the untrained user. Unfortunately some manufacturers present incomplete and/or misleading information to consumers that may cause serious harm. For this reason we are launching an information campaign to educate young people, families, community business owners, and local government about both the dangers of, and the effective usage of Germicidal UV products

The "Purple Light" Project

Germicidal Ultra Violet Solutions

FBS 2021 Germicidal (1).png

Our first UV goal is to design and manufacture a safe and effective germicidal unit for home and office use. 

the "UV HotBox"

For sanitizing PPE, Plush toys, keyboards, smartphones, etc... the items you don't really want to spray with disinfectant, but you do want them sanitized regularly.

Goal #2: Donate the first manufactured units to local nursing homes, hospitals and first responder organizations.



Goal #3: Work with maker-spaces nationwide to develop and disseminate UV     "hotbox" kits to schools, community organizations, and youth programs so young people can build and maintain these units to better understand best practices regarding UV safety and UV usage in our fight against COVID19.

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