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Whether you're looking to put on a casual social event or structure a STEAM learning program, FullBlast STEAM is your one-stop shop for doing it! Browse our catalog of Workshops and Activities and we can discuss scheduling and planning together.

Dynamic Learning! 

OST Workshops

We offer tons of fun educational workshops to help students of all ages and experience levels learn new skills during OST (Out of School Time). Select any point on our modular teaching tracks in Robotics and/or Programming to meet learners at their level and build essential S.T.E.A.M. skills at a pace they’re comfortable with.

21st Century Fun!

Event Activities

To give any party, celebration, or retreat a full blast of S.T.E.A.M., book a selection of our mobile event activities. From drone races to computerized puzzle competitions, our expertly crafted games will add 21st Cntury arts and tech to any gathering. Together we'll walk through the planning and logistics and help you design an event for the ages!

Workshops are NOW  VIRTUAL!!


FullBlast STEAM's educational lesson plans are designed to ground students in the fundamentals of S.T.E.A.M. and build those threads into high personal proficiency. Each module of our OST Workshop Curriculum will use engaging tools and a hands-on teaching style to introduce learners to key S.T.E.A.M. concepts. Book modules to suit your organization's needs. 

Using 3D Printing Pens, students will learn the basics of the Scientific Method and the Engineering Design Process

Module 1: Makers

In exercises based around paper circuits, emojis, and house circuits, students will learn the fundamentals of electronics

Module 2: Electronics 101

While they try their hand at creating physical circuits, students will learn how to actualize electronic theory

Module 3: Circuit Tiles

Everything is a canvas during a FullBlast STEAM 3D pen party! We’ll show you how to spin real objects out of thin air with these unique handheld devices.

3D Printing Pen Parties

Let your inner pilot take wing in FullBlast STEAM’s Drone Race workshop! Learn how our flying robots work and then get the chance to fly them yourself.

Drone Flight & Races

Come experience FullBlast STEAM’s Virtual environments! We establish explorations through magical lands, competitions with your friends using interactive tools, and the latest VR gaming titles. Our Tech Coaches explain how to use the hardware and assist players as they engage the Virtual Environment.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Grudge matches leading up to FullBlast STEAM’s Tournaments! Create robots to put head to head with others in competitive matchups.

BioBot Scrimmages

Sometimes the young folks just want to chill, and explore some of the cool educational games and products we may mention during the course of more structured activities.

Surprise Box of Tech Stuff

As they refresh prior learning, students will build a circuit to control a simple robot that can be augmented to create intricate and colorful designs! 

Robotics Module 4:

Scribble Bots

In an introduction to electronic prototyping, students will use breadboards to develop working LED light systems.

Programming Module 4:

Bread Boards

As they assemble the animal-like Kamigami, students will come to understand firsthand how complex robotic systems come together, and how they can be optimized and put to use in various competitions!

Robotics Module 5:


To build a proficiency in the principles of micro-controllers, students will learn the capabilities, components, and terminology of Raspberry Pi, and learn how to use them to create systems of servos and sensors.

Programming Module 5:


Students will use the robotics skills they've built to design and play in an obstacle course (Obby) for robots they put together.

Robotics Module 6:

Obby Add-On

In a collaborative lesson, students will earn how to write in Python, and the many uses the coding language has.

Programming Module 6:

Programming Languages

With a working knowledge of robotics on various levels, students will learn how to incorporate micro-controllers into their robotic designs to make them programmable in new ways. 

Robotics Module 7:

Programmable Robots

In a series of test flights and programming challenges, students will become familiar with the components and operation of programmable drones.

Programming Module 7:


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