The "Build a Better Book" program

A special project from the Maryland State Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped

FullBlast STEAM's yearly summer youth works program in Park Heights with our long time partner "SistersSavingtheCity" hosted a special youth program that was brought to us via the LBPH. 

These young people in Park Hieghts were introduced to braille, and other methods of tactile information sharing, and then they were tasked with a beautiful goal:

To choose any book or story, then to design and create an interactive tactile experience that shares that story with other young people who are visually impaired. 

Our participants worked together to create 5 works of interactive art that were given to the LBPH to add to their collection of tactile stories that their visually impaired members may borrow, enjoy, and return. 

This was an incredibly rewarding experience for our participants and a win win for all involved. A truly compassionate and empathy rich 6 week experience they will not forget.

As educators who work with technology, and with this project's high potential for applying electronics, 3d printing and coding, we are offering our services to assist your team's effort to bring the BBB program to your group of young people. 

FullBlast STEAM is continuing to work with the LBPH to spread the word to other libraries and youth focused organizations across the state about the BBB project. If you or an organization you know maybe interested in hosting the program, please contact us. 

We can also lead the project for your group of young people in conjunction with or separately from our other workshop activities.

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