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What happens when we educators & tech professionals focus our creative energy on solving real challenges in our communities?

 Growth Opportunities


      "Build a Better Book"


In Partnership with the Maryland Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, FBS has furthered the Build a Better Book program by engaging 20+ young people from Baltimore City in a 6 week series of activities exploring what it is to live in the spectrum of visual impairment.  

The purple light       


Germicidal UV Solutions

COVID19 hit the USA & we're hitting back.


Our ongoing research into Ultra Violet radiation has revealed some startling information on where UV technology is currently being utilized to fight COVID19, the dangers of UV light and how to safely deploy the tech for home and office sanitization purposes.

The WAVES Project

In partnership with

FBS is supporting the goal of providing WiFi access and laptops to disadvantaged community members across Baltimore City in efforts to crush the digital divide. 

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