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Whether you've enjoyed a FullBlast STEAM 3D Printing Pen Party in the past, or you're simply eager to explore the power of 3D design, this equipment kit brings it into your own home. Our 3D Pen Kit Combo includes a 3D Pen, charger, filament rolls, silicone tips, and design templates for 4 projects that you can create on your own, or follow along with step by step instructions from our online Tech Coach. This Combo includes 7 online sessions where you will be guided to operate the 3D Pen safely, and to learn a few techniques for shaping the hot plastic into all kinds of cool, unique 2D & 3D creations.

Learn about all the possibilities in the art of 3d printing.

This online workshop requires each student to have a laptop and WiFi access or a small group of students with kits in front of a large monitor for the video chat sessions. 

3D Pen Kit Combo

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